Medical Massage

"I can't thank you enough for my massage. It's been a very long time since my back has felt this good! I always had a constant soreness in my back that I learned to ignore. After you worked on me, I had(have) "no pain" at all. I feel great ;-). Thank you so much! I will be calling soon for my next appointment and will definitely be recommending you to others ;-). Thanks again."

Savanna Green, September 2011

"I started receiving medical massage in the summer of 2010, after dealing with chronic neck pain, headaches and arm pain for over a year from a motor vehicle accident. I have permanent nerve damage to both arms and pain in my shoulders, neck and back. Mary Ann has been fabulous with me. She has a wonderful healing touch. She does an amazing job working out all my kinks and knots caused by scar tissue and muscle damage from the whip-lash injury. I feel so much better when I see her on a regular basis. I know that when I have increased headaches, neck and shoulder pain, I need to go for a massage to relieve my stress, pain and pressure. I will continue to see Mary Ann on a regular basis to help me maintain a comfort level and tolerance for the pain in my neck, arms, back and shoulders, which is permanent. I don't know how I would have carried thru my pain over the last year if it was not for Mary Ann helping me. I would highly recommend her to care for your mind, body and soul. She is compassionate and deeply concerned for her patient's well-being. Thank you Mary Ann for all you have done for me. You are truly my healer and angel." Sharon Mawa, March 2011

"My name is Lauren Kowal,and I am a 21-year old student attending Wesley College. A little over a year ago I was involved in a bad car accident. The other vehicle involved in the accident ran a red light and T-boned me, swinging my car around up onto a median, hitting a huge cross-walk and telephone pole. Luckily, I wasn't killed or severely injured, but a few disks were shifted, and I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. I had been living with severe back pain everyday. After the accident, I was no longer able to play volleyball, the game I love. I went through months of Physical Therapy, was on several types of medications for the pain, and received cortisone shots in my lower back. Nothing seemed to have worked for me, so I seeked out other ways to help relieve the pain. That's when I was introduced to Medical Massage. Medical Massage is the best thing that has happened to me regarding my back pain. Not only has my Therapist been very flexible when working with my crazy schedule between nursing school and balancing two jobs, she decreased my pain! She listened to my descriptions of my pain and knew exactly where my pain was coming from and did her magic! I don't know how she did it, but the deep massages helped tremendously, and I can now live a normal life. I still experience periods of pain, but not nearly as much as what I was experiencing before the Medical Massages. The massages were awesome, and I can't even imagine how much pain I would still be living with if I hadn't received them. I am even considering continuing massages with Mary Ann when my sessions from my doctor are up. She's awesome, and I am very grateful for what she has done for me. She definitely knows what she is doing, and I would suggest Medical Massage to everyone, even if you're not experiencing pain." Lauren Kowal, March 2011

Therapeutic Massage Testimonial: I started receiving medical massage along with physical therapy in the early 90’s because of a ruptured disk. I later had surgery to eliminate the rupture and sciatica that lead to leg pain and numbness. After the surgery I still experienced some sciatica, on occasion, and would seek someone that was a licensed massage therapist.

In 2010 a friend recommended Mary Ann and I can honestly say that I have never experienced the benefits of a therapeutic massage until now. The massage not only addresses the discomfort that I am feeling, but helps with stress. Being a co-owner of Good News Natural Foods and an Engineer with Siemens Medical Diagnostics, my appointments with Mary Ann have become a priority and benefit that I deserve. Thank you for believing in what you do and helping others to enjoy their lives. Ray Fields, 2011